Frequently Asked Questions


What is the REACH program?

REACH is an Indigenous diabetes quality improvement (QI) program. Its goal is to improve diabetes care through community-designed activities that are led by dedicated individuals who are formed into a QI team. The QI team uses several tools to guide them in the program.

When does the REACH program start?

REACH is offered throughout the year. Communities can join at any time.

How long is the REACH program?

The REACH program lasts 18 – 24 months based on the pace that each community requires.

How much does REACH cost?

REACH has a flexible cost structure based on which components each community chooses to participate in. Contact us to discuss your needs and we can arrange a cost to you.

What support can we expect?

We are with you all the way! The REACH program team offers support, training and coaching throughout the entirety of the program. Contact us by email or by toll-free phone number Monday–Friday from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm Eastern.


What is CEDAR?

One of the tools that the QI team can use is the CEDAR Diabetes Registry and Audit system. This is a web-based system that tracks information on adults (people 18 and older) with type 2 diabetes and monitors their clinical information over time.

Why is my information important?

The information collected in CEDAR will be used by the QI team to help them guide activities to improve diabetes care in the community. It does so by teaching the QI team more about quality of care and care gaps. The information will also help to assess the REACH program and any changes resulting from the community’s participation in the program.

What information is being collected?

A Data Keeper in the community has the responsibility for entering the information into CEDAR. The information collected is:
Registry: Name, Sex, Type of Diabetes, Year of Birth, Year of Diagnosis
Clinical Values: Height, Weight, Body Mass Index, Blood Pressure, Foot Screening, Blood Sugar Reading, LDL Cholesterol, Lab Values of Kidney Function

How is my information kept private?

CEDAR is housed at Western University, London, Ontario on secure servers behind hospital firewalls. The information is encrypted using protocols similar to those that secure account information in banks. Individual client information will not be used. All information will be used at the community level as an overall score. Client consent will be obtained through a process whereby patients can, at any time, opt-out of being included in CEDAR. Individual written patient consent will not be sought.

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